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2018 ITT Pilates Education series at Center of Movement Studio

The Mentoring program is a training program where you have the opportunity to study one-on-one with Master Pilates Trainer, Haven Caravelli.

The program is a commitment from both the student and Haven to help you identify where you need assistance in your Pilates instruction with clients. You have a choice of bringing in a client you currently work with and have Haven teach that client, with your observation. Or you may choose to bring in your client and have Haven guide you in teaching specific exercises, problem solving, cueing, and designing a program for that individual.

Each Mentoring session is 1.5 hours. Fee: $180 per 1.5 hour session


bullet Past Master Level Training Series with ITT Pilates Master Trainer – Haven Caravelli:

Advanced Assessment and Program Design
The Art of Cueing
Sacrum, Lumbar and Pelvic Harmony
The Foot to Hip Connection
The Shoulder Girdle
Pilates-based Functional Training for the 5th Decade


bullet Past Advanced Movement Series with ITT Pilates Master Trainers:

Advanced Reformer and Cadillac exercises with ?
Enhanced Skills for Teaching Mat with ?
Advanced Chair Workouts with ?
Stretch and Release on the Foam Roller with ?
Teaching Techniques for Pilates Mat with ?